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    I received   two gifts     when      I   came into   the world:

   The gift      of  imagination and the gift of  creativity with which I try to Build   bridges     with the     most complex humanity of our time.

                                                           Titi de Baccarat

Do I have a vision for the development of my community?

Am I developing useful skills that will serve the development of my community?

In my daily life, do I have a positive attitude and positive words that value my community?

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Taking a Knee for Change is a book featuring photographs (taken months after the murder of George Floyd by 10 Maine photographers) of people who live in Maine and work to end racism and achieve social justice in Maine today. The book combines both photographs of the Mainers taking a knee and stories about their personal experience with social justice.

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Book launch Party "Taking a Knee for Change"
Where: Portland Public Library
When: September 16, 2023 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm
Guest artist: DJ RRug

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